NOMAD is a ‘roaming’ community garden.

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First NOMADgarden Launched in Mission Bay, San Francisco
Thank you to everyone (donors, sponsors, gardeners and volunteers) who have helped us launch our very first garden in Mission Bay San Francisco. We are continuing our fundraising efforts to bring even more into the community! If you are able, please donate below, become a gardener for the 2015-2016 season, or contact us to discuss more sponsorship opportunities. Thank you!

Our Mission is to activate vacant lots in developing neighborhoods, fill them with portable plots, and invite the community to build their gardens. More than just a garden, NOMAD is designed to be a hub for the community. Home to workshops, movie screenings, art shows and picnics or barbecues, NOMAD will roam seamlessly from vacant lot to vacant lot. Inspired? Join our community!

NOMADgardens is a 501c3 nonprofit organization sponsored by the San Franscisco Parks Alliance.

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